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Thursday September 11, 2014

Pastor in Bhutan Sentenced to Prison for Accepting Funds for Ministry

By Our Bhutan Correspondent

THIMPHU, Bhutan, September 11, 2014 (Morning Star News) – A court in Bhutan on Wednesday sentenced pastor Tandin Wangyal to three years, 11 months in prison for receiving funds for ministry activities from a Christian organization.


The verdict from the court in Dorokha, Samtse District asserts the pastor received US$11,864 in funding from a foreign Christian organization to conduct trainings and spread Christianity in the Buddhist country, sources said.


A source on Thursday (Sept. 11) told Morning Star News that Wangyal had been granted a one-year bail after paying a fine of US$763. As a result, he has been released and a year has essentially been subtracted from his sentence. [READ MORE]

News from the Frontlines

Thursday September 11, 2014

Christian, Hindu in Custody in Pakistan on Accusation of Defiling Koran

Family of convert from Hinduism says Muslims retaliating for refusal to convert to Islam.

By Our Pakistan Correspondent

LAHORE, Pakistan, September 9, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Police in Pakistan have taken into custody a Christian convert from Hinduism and his Hindu co-worker for allegedly burning a Koran and a chart of Koranic verses.


The Christian’s family and attorney, however, said Islamist extremist groups have falsely accused the two men in response to an increasing number of Hindus converting to Christianity in southern Punjab Province. [READ MORE]


Sunday September 7, 2014

Bible College, Churches Shut Down as Boko Haram Claims Territory in NE Nigeria

More than 300 Christians killed in the past week, church leaders say.

By Our Nigeria Correspondent

JOS, Nigeria, September 7, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Leaders of northeastern Nigeria’s Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) said Boko Haram attacks that have killed more than 300 Christians in the past week have forced the temporary closure of Kulp Bible College and many churches.


In an emergency prayer message sent Saturday night (Sept. 6) to Morning Star News among others, EYN President Samuel Dali said the headquarters of the church is under grave threat from the Islamic extremist insurgents who seek to impose sharia (Islamic law) throughout the country. [READ MORE]


News from the Frontlines

Friday September 5, 2014

Sudan Shutters 500-Member Church in Khartoum

Christian from Uganda ordered to leave country.

By Our East Africa Correspondent

NAIROBI, Kenya, September 4, 2014 (Morning Star News) – Security agents in Sudan padlocked a 500-member church’s building on Aug. 24, said Christian sources who fear the government may try to sell it.


In the latest incident in a nearly two-year wave of church demolitions, closures and confiscations, Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) forcibly closed the Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC) church building in Khartoum, which houses the Khartoum Christian Center (KCC). [READ MORE]

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