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A New Home for a New Life

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hope in syria, iraq

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shelter&food in yemen

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hope in arabia

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who we are

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growth in adversity




ICR is not only a ministry. It’s a group of people who love God and his children and make every effort to come alongside their persevering brothers and sisters. The work they do for the persecuted church is unique, amazing and most effective.

Michelle Daenzer

Intern ICR, Primary School Teacher in Switzerland

It has been a blessing to volunteer for ICR before going to the mission field in PNG. As a compassionate ministry serving the persevering church, ICR is standing in the gap where others are not.

Mindy Clover

Missionary, Wycliffe Papua New Guinea

ICR does an incredible job of ministering to the persecuted church – and then sharing with us how we can pray and help. Thank you ICR for giving a voice to the persecuted church and us an opportunity to understand, pray for and help our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Jeff Geise

Pastor, Northlake Community Church