Who We Are

For 50 years the international ministry of ICR has provided spritual and material assistance to Christians who live in countries hostile to the gospel, enabling them to proclaim the truth, plant churches - and persevere.

ICR History


International Christian Response was founded in 1969 through the ministry of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand who became known around the world for his book “Tortured for Christ.” Today, still many people are unaware of how Christians are being persecuted in countries with limited religious freedom. Initially, our greater organization focused on Eastern Europe, communist countries, and the production, transport, and distribution of Christian literature. The fall of Communism and a generation-turnover in our leadership have resulted in a renewed mission, vision, and values. While we continue to provide fast and effective help for persevering Christians, we help advance the Gospel in over forty four hostile countries where American Missionaries cannot go.


We provide spiritual and material assistance enabling persecuted Christians to proclaim the Gospel and plant churches in hostile countries.


By 2021, 30,000 healthy and multiplying churches planted in places American missionaries cannot go.

Christians face persecution daily in a constant onslaught from the world. ICR works to support our persecuted brothers and sisters to persevere despite the circumstances in two ways: spiritual and material assistance. Spiritual assistance is key, and prayer is the biggest means of spiritual assistance that can be given to the persecuted. Material assistance includes: speaking out as a voice for the persecuted in the U.S. and internationally, working in legal advocacy on behalf of those imprisoned, providing medical aid, caring for and supporting widows and orphans of martyrs, as well as providing safe houses and support for Christian families under attack. ICR also provides holistic support to people living in nations that are devastated by war through the Christians who are already living there.
To Equip people who are in the grenade zone is one of ICR’s key passions. These are people who have devoted themselves to expand the boundaries of the Lord’s harvest fields and bring in the crop in areas that are some of the most difficult to live as a Christian. ICR equips them in their work through education and tools. Equipping people with education can significantly help improve their impact. ICR provides seminary training for pastors, training for church planters, and even leadership training. ICR also continues to provide the people on the ground doing the footwork with relevant programs and Biblical resources to minister in the areas where they are serving effectively.
To Advance and push into new territory and proclaim the name of Christ as we go is of great importance in the Christan walk. ICR supports endeavors to advance the kingdom of God on earth by: supporting and catalyzing house church movements as well as planting new churches, “politically incorrect” Christian satellite TV stations (which are unstoppable in the Middle East), and Radio outreach and in-country follow-up with seekers who have expressed an interest in the Lord. Each of these chips away slowly at the hearts of the persecuting nations calling the people to turn back to the only True King.

Statement of Faith and Commitment

Our Beliefs are aligned with The Lausanne Covenant.

Values and Principals:

Respond to the Persecuted
Education Encouraging Prayer and Action
Stewardship Maximizing Effectiveness of Resources
Prayer for the Persecuted Church and Our Enemy
Oneness as the Body of Christ in Reciprocal Service
Nationals Mobilized in Hostile Places
Safeguard Identities to Avoid Unnecessary Harm
Encouragement in Growth Despite Persecution