wurmbrand3International Christian Response was founded in 1969 through the ministry of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand who became known around the world for his book “Tortured for Christ.” Today still many people are unaware of how Christians are being persecuted in countries with limited religious freedom. Initially our greater organization focused on Eastern Europe, communist countries, and the production, transport, and distribution of Christian literature. The fall of communism and a generation-turnover in our leadership have resulted in a renewed mission, vision, and values. While we continue to provide fast and effective help for persecuted Christians we help advance the Gospel in over forty hostile countries.


We provide spiritual and material assistance enabling persecuted Christians to proclaim the Gospel and plant churches in hostile countries.


By 2018 tens of thousands of church planters are mobilized in places American missionaries cannot go.

Affirmation of Faith & Commitment

Our beliefs are aligned with The Lausanne Covenant

Values and Principals

Responding to the persecuted
Education encouraging prayer and action
Stewardship maximizing effectiveness of resources
Prayer for the persecuted church and our enemy
Oneness as body of Christ in reciprocal service
Nationals mobilized in hostile places
Safeguarding identities to avoid unnecessary harm
Encouragement in growth despite persecution

Areas of Impact




Christians face great challenges in countries with restricted freedom of religion. In collaboration with local partners and networking we are able to create synergies that enable them to help and encourage one another. We support indigenous pastors, church planters, ministry and social workers, provide equipping and continuing education opportunities, and make Christian literature and media in their own language available to churches and ministries. We desire to support Christians in living out their faith effectively in the face of difficulties.


Many people around the globe suffer as they barely have enough to survive. Motivated by Christian charity we provide emergency and disaster relief, in order that those in need can begin to rebuild their livelihood. We provide thousands of refugees, children, and those with physical and mental challenges, for example, with a new basis of existence. As a result of networking with local partners we are able to provide quick and effective help. In the case of disasters like earthquakes or flooding we are able to provide relief within 24-72 hours.


Millions of Christians around the globe are discriminated against and persecuted on account of their relationship with Christ. The reasons for the persecution may be motivated by political, religious, or social factors. We desire to step in and provide help when Christians come under pressure on account of their faith. Our network in over thirty eight countries enables us to provide quick, effective help to save lives and to provide new perspectives and opportunities. We do this, for example, through medical care, legal assistance, and projects that develop education and income generation.

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