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a martyr's legacy

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growth in adversity


helping inside syria




God is working in extraordinary ways in the lives of the 21st century Acts persecuted church. Very few organizations are effectively ministering to and encouraging these people while bringing the message to re-awaken the North American church. ICR is faithfully networking and standing in the gap.

Raphael Neff


In my opinion ICR serves the persecuted, yet persevering Christians like no other ministry. Their leaders (in the field) are being guided by the Holy Spirit. I was very privileged to see this with my own eyes in the Turkic World (Central Asia). I recommend ICR to everyone. Thank you ICR for being an effective, yet sensitive voice for the persevering.

Jamie Bohnett

Director, A Future & A Hope Foundation

Having been a missionary for over 40 years, I strongly believe in and support church planters in places American Missionaries cannot go. They know the language and know the culture in these sensitive places.

Phyllis Erickson

Former Missionary to Niger